Who we are...

You probably can imagine.. we are Laura and Max, both 27 years old! A couple from Munich, Germany, who is exploring the world together. Below, we shortly introduce ourselves and what we do and love.


"I am an real Bavarian girl and spent the last years at university studying environmental engineering, during that time I spent a semester abroad at National University of Singapore making me fall in love with Southeast Asia.

Finally, I recently finished my studies and would like to combine my travel lifestyle with my working life... my dream is to make traveling greener and more sustainable.
I have loved traveling ever since I can remember. Thanks to my parents I've seen some of the most amazing places of the world already as a kid and went on with it until today... our round-the-world trip is probably my biggest adventure so far!"


"Never believe you are done yet - following this motto, I spend the last couple of years studying civil engineering and business economics. Now I wanna see what's out there besides lots of  books, exams and the goofy faces at the library.

I love exploring, discovering and taking on challenges. So the adventure of traveling around the world on the southern hemisphere fits perfectly for reaching new goals outside the classroom.

Now, exploring the world before entering work life feels like a great chance to figure out what I really wanna do in life, by trying not to act as German as in good old Germany."