Insider tips to discover Ayers Rock

Going to Australia and not visiting the Ayers Rock would be like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel tower. This wasn’t really an option for us. When already taking the long trip to the other side of the world, we wouldn’t have wanted to miss this icon.

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Ultimate tips for your campervan hire in New Zealand

Your flight to the other end of the world is booked and now you “only” need to get a campervan for your trip? There are endless offers and so many different options to choose from, that we thought, it is a great idea to write down some tips for you, based on our experience. And I can tell you, we have spent quite a few hours comparing all the prices and options.

So here’s the thing, there are basically two questions you need to answer for yourself. How much luxury do you need? – and – do you wanna go freedom camping out in the nature or do you prefer a campsite? This is important to be able to cut down what to look for.

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5 insider tips to pack a girls' backpack

Packing is always a challenge, doesn't matter how often you have done it before! I (Laura) especially struggle with a few things like picking shoes or a bag that matches everything. After a while I developed some guidelines based on earlier travel experience that help me pack. Of course, I wanna share this with you, so I hope the boys don't mind, because I wrote this article mostly for the pretty gender ;) These are my few tips I stick to when packing for a long term trip and still try to be a little bit stylish!

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My dengue fever experience

Malaria, Dengue, Zika.... I'm pretty sure you have heard about all this mosquito-borne diseases out there! And yes, it is not just a thing people use to scare you from traveling. It is actually quite common nowadays. I (Laura) can tell you from my own experience, I suffered from dengue fever already twice in 2 years. Pretty annoying, but I am the mosquitoes' favorite and always gets the most bites. Check the map below, it shows all the affected areas...pretty much seems like almost everywhere you wanna travel..

So, let me tell you how that happened. In 2012 I spent a semester abroad at the university of Singapore, and it was epic ;) Anyhow, when I came back home to Germany I got a complete check up just in case... you know, traveling around SEA for 5 month and getting bitten a lot. So, they docs told me I carry dengue anti viruses and I must have had it while abroad. Of course, I was sick 2 or 3 times within these 6 month, but nothing I could declare as dengue fever.. more like a cold. I guess, I was lucky at that time.

Nevertheless, two years later, I went to Sumatra. I had signed up for a volunteer internship to teach English at a school in Padang, West Sumatra. About ten days after my arrival, I felt pretty sick at night after a long day on the beach.. too much sun, I thought. But the whole night was awful and my host sister brought me to the hospital the next day. Unlucky me: Dengue fever! Again!

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