Let's go on Safari in Kenya!

Have you ever been to Africa? For most people it is the unknown continent, even though it covers over 20% of the world's land surface and consists of 54 states... The diversity of the nature, culture and people is just enormous. It's a shame when people see it just as "one big thing". I think every country deserves a visit, and we wanna explore every facet of it. Just imagine the unique wildlife! Kenya is one amazing country to fulfill the dream of a safari. This amazing country in the east of the continent offers not only national parks but also amazingly white beaches and crystal clear blue waters.

Lion yawning Masai Mara Kenya

Experience a safari on a budget!

The journey starts in Nairobi, the capital, where most travelers arrive at the airport. It is not necessary to pre-book a safari if you are a backpacker and wanna do the low-budget version. Lodges in the parks are insanely expensive and can cost up to 1000$ per night! I'm sure you would have an amazing experience there, but it's just not for our budget! So, it was easy to book a three day safari trip to Masai Mara National Park in the hostel in Nairobi. You can even bargain the price! Safari is never super cheap, since the entrance fee of the parks already make a lot of the price, but you can expect to pay between 100 - 150$ for one day. A three or five day trip from and to Nairobi is the normal way to do and it includes even accommodation, food and transport! So nothing to worry ;) For backpackers, this still seems like a lot of money, but guys, this is a chance of a lifetime... how often do you come to Kenya? And I promise you, it is worth every penny...

Best time of the year is between June and August when the great migration is happening!

Elephant Masai Mara Kenya

 Once you arrive at the park, you will stay in a small tent camp outside the park. Early morning the first game drive starts.. and if you are lucky you see a lot of wildlife... giraffes, lions, gnus, zebras... pretty much all you have only seen in a zoo before! Masai Mara is the most famous of Kenya's national parks especially because it has the richest wildlife... If you can pick your travel time, you should go in July, then the great migration is happening, when gnus and zebras are coming from the Serengeti in Tanzania to Masai Mara. I bet all of you have seen the pictures of gnus jumping in a river and get caught by huge crocodiles...Yes, this is it!

Be prepared to meet the BIG 5

It is hard to describe how breathtaking it is to see all these animals in their natural habitat... all these huge creatures running around freely.. I really love elephants, zebras and giraffes and it was amazing to see them! Our group was really lucky, we even met some lion cubs playing around, a leopard relaxing in a tree and even a lion couple having some sexy time :D Pictures say more than words, so I'll let them speak...

I definitely recommend everyone to do a trip to this beautiful African country, and if you love beaches as well, you can go to Diani beach or Lamu island after your safari adventure! For more infos read the post on Kenya's best beaches.

Hakuna Matata ;)

Giraffes Beattles Masai Mara Kenya
Zebra Masai Mara Kenya
Leopard Tree Masai Mara Kenya
Lions mating Masai Mara Kenya

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