All you need to know about            Round-the-world travel

Out there in the world-wide-web are way to many sites where you can compare prices, buy tickets, get offers..  but to really get a feeling what your options are is not so easy. So I compiled all my knowledge I gained while booking our tickets and summed it up for you here :)

Decide where you wanna go:

It can be difficult if the whole world is on your bucket list! So decide where you really wanna go and always dream of, and then try to bring those places together in our route. If you need some tips and wanna know what points to think of, check out our article :)

How we planned our trip:

You wanna now how we came up with our route and the countries we wanted to visit? One funny idea made a big influence on our time and route planning. You wanna know what I'm taking about? Read about it here...