Our trip and how to celebrate New Year's twice

The idea of a trip around the world did not just suddenly pop up in our heads. It was more kind of a process. We've both been in the final phase of our studies and pretty busy for the last year. The dream of traveling was there for a while, since we knew that it was the last chance we would have "endless" time before entering business life. First question.. which countries are on top of our bucket list? That was pretty easy to answer... we both never been to Australia or New Zealand, Max loves hiking and Laura loves beaches, so these countries are set. And since none of us has been to South America, this was the second continent we needed to see. So, the two main spots had been decided! (As we found out later it is actually quite difficult to fly from New Zealand to South America, there are only two very expensive options)

Our route around the world

The rest of the route kind of developed over time.. after comparing millions of flight options and hours in the internet and travel agency, one day we had the craziest idea. Between New Zealand and the Cook Islands runs the date line, we planned to travel in New Zealand around December. So how about crossing the date line on New Year's Eve?! This way we would win 24 hours and actually fly from the 01.01.2017 in Auckland, back to the 31.12.2016 on Rarotonga. Sounds crazy? We know, that why we need to do it!

With this in mind we planned the rest of the route around that date. We will spent about 2,5 months in Australia and New Zealand and about the same time in South America, with 2 weeks in between on South Pacific Islands.

Let's celebrate New Year's twice in 24 hours!

As mentioned before, crossing the pacific isn't as easy as the Atlantic. Actually there are two options. First flying directly from Auckland to Santiago de Chile or Buenos Aires, which would destroy our newly made crazy New Year's plan. Or, flying from French Polynesia (Tahiti) to Easter Island (Chile) and then on to Santiago. Problem is, how to get to Tahiti from Cook Islands?! Connections within the pacific islands aren't easy as well. Luckily we found a flight, that brings passengers once a week from Rarotonga to Tahiti.. ONCE! Otherwise you are stuck :D So, we hope it will all work out....

Join us on our island hopping trip :D

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