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Who we are

We are two recent engineering graduates from Munich, Germany exploring the southern hemisphere!  Read more about us here


Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.... that is the plan! But who knows if it will stay like that ;) We will share with you what we do and where we go here on our site :)

Insider tips to discover Ayers Rock

Going to Australia and not visiting the Ayers Rock would be like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel tower. This wasn’t really an option for us. When already taking the long trip to the other side of the world, we wouldn’t have wanted to miss this icon.

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The perfect Torres del Paine experience

One of our travel dreams came true when arriving at Torres del Paine National Park! Probably the most famous, but also well-deserved destination in Chile! Especially the W-track is the must-do for all outdoor fans. But for everyone else who is not equipped with a tent and food in plastic bags can also enjoy this wonder of nature, just like we did it. Right at the foot of the mountain in the heart of the national park you can stay at the lovely Hotel Las Torres. The best spot to start your exploring tour of Torres del Paine!

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The budget you will need to travel to Easter Island!

Can you point on the world map where Easter Island actually is? We couldn’t before we were looking into our route around the world. This place is so remote and has this mystical touch to it that it feels like out of this world for most of us. A reason why you should definitely put it on your bucket list!

So, when we decided to cross the pacific on our trip, we caught the idea of not flying directly from Auckland to Santiago de Chile, but to visit some of the gems of the pacific ocean... and Easter Island was definitely the main trigger here! Who knows if we ever get there again, so we couldn’t miss it! To give you an insight of how much it will cost to go there, we will sum up what we spent and how you can visit the island on a budget. 

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Challenge yourself: Tongariro Alpine Crossing

You should definitely not miss out on this “greatest one-day-tour of the world”, even if you're not a big fan of hiking nor be super sportif or a big Lord of the Rings addict. We didn’t establish this title, but we would endorse it  for sure! Don’t underestimate the one-way tour, though. Also check with an i-site whether it is possible to go or not, because the hike can become quiet dangerous at certain weather conditions and they might close it for tourists. It might get windy too and you will be exposed for a long time so take warm clothes, hat and scarf and maybe gloves – even in summer. It is still an high-alpine tour, which will take at least 6-8 hours (19.4 km), no matter how good in shape you are. Additionally, there is still some volcanic activity and at some places you can either smell the sulfur or see it smoking out of the ground.

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The best place to stay on Rarotonga

When we arrived at Ikurangi Eco Retreat my environmental heart was instantly filled with joy. This lovely resort was designed with a lot of love for the nature and an eye for sustainability. As an environmental and civil engineer we really appreciate the effort Luana and Matt had taken to create this unique and relaxing space. This way you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest without and big environmental footprint.

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